Kilmer (Home Raised)

Home-raised steer yearlings for the Torrington Livestock September Sale.

Age and source verification is through AgInfoLink's USDA PVP.

Wyoming Verified Natural is an independent third-party verification for never-ever.  Contact John Henn @ 307-777-2847 for protocol.

Calf Nutrition utilizing chelated trace minerals is an independent third-party verification.  Contact John Henn @ 307-777-2847 for protocol.

Contact Details

  • Seller

    Lusk, wy


Cattle Information

Type of Cattle Offered: Stockers/Yearlings
Feed Program Natural
Number of Cattle Offered: 33
Breed of Cattle: Angus
Sex of Cattle Steers (Male)
Average Weight: 900.00 lb.

Additional Information

Terms of Sale: Sell at Local Auction
Source and Age Verified