By Sarah Fitz-Gerald

April 5, 2018

Wind Energy

The Wyoming Business Council has officially launched the Wyoming Wind Energy Service Company Directory, a website designed to help Wyoming service companies connect with wind developers.  

Service companies located in Wyoming are encouraged to create a profile on the site highlighting their experience. Developers can search and filter profiles to find the right local contractor. 

“We expect to see an uptick in wind development in the next several years.  We created the directory to help Wyoming companies—both those who have extensive experience in wind and those looking to expand their market to the wind industry—connect with the developers building those projects,” said Sarah Fitz-Gerald, industrial development manager at the Business Council. 

Several service companies have already created profiles in the directory, and developers are excited to take advantage of the new site. 

“Thanks to the Wyoming Business Council, wind developers in Wyoming now have another valuable tool when trying to locate qualified Wyoming service companies,” said Rita Meyer, Rocky Mountain Power’s vice president for Wyoming. Rocky Mountain Power plans to build and operate several projects in Wyoming in the coming years. 

The directory is part of a broader Wyoming Wind Energy Toolbox, an online resource for developers, service companies and communities. Additional tools, including a place for developers to post Wyoming Requests For Proposals and timelines of expected workforce demand, will be added to the site later this year. 

Anyone interested in the toolbox is encouraged to alert service companies and wind developers to this opportunity, visit the Wyoming Wind Energy Toolbox at and follow the Wyoming Business Council on social media pages on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram


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