By Tom Dixon, Marketing Content Director

May 17, 2019

Thermopolis crafter lives on the edge

When he’s not patrolling the streets of Thermopolis, Ken Smith can often be found in his shop surrounded by moose antlers, acrylic, wood, glass plaques and more. 

“I love the range of what we do. There’s nothing we can’t handle,” Smith said. 

Smith is cofounder of Laser’s Edge Design & Engraving, a Made in Wyoming company specializing in custom laser engraving across a wide range of media. He formed the company alongside partner Mark Brawley in 2016. 

His customers can be found throughout the Midwest and even in Canada. Sales have largely grown by word-of-mouth, Smith said. 

“Our quality keeps people coming back,” Smith said. “Brawley has 30 years of machining experience, and I have 15 years of construction and carpentry background, so there’s not many jobs we can’t do.” 

Recent projects have included engraving names into moose antlers – which takes patience and finesse to get each curve square, plumb and level – and building a 3D acrylic sign for a local business. 

Joining Made in Wyoming is a matter of pride for Smith. When it comes to his business, he tries to keep everything local, too. 

“Everything for me is local,” Smith said. “If we’re going to survive as an economy, we don’t need to be outsourcing. Everything we use is here locally in Wyoming and in Thermopolis.” 

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