About Wyoming

Why Wyoming offers Wyoming info on site selection, business relocation, commercial real estate, population demographics, and quality of life.

Wyoming is one of the most business friendly states offering excellent business friendly benefits. Thinking about relocating? Starting a business? Expanding a business? Wyoming means business! The Wyoming Business Council looks forward to working with you.

Wyoming’s business-friendly benefits include: no corporate or personal state income tax, low energy costs, educated workforce, outstanding quality of life, low operating costs, safe communities and much more! Wyoming means freedom…freedom from high crime and big city pressure, freedom from traffic jams, freedom from noise and air pollution, freedom to grow and thrive. Wyoming offers freedom in business costs and freedom in costs of living. Wyoming is one of the best places in the US to live.

Wyoming offers many incentives for businesses
including excellent taxes and resources for small
businesses and entrepreneurs.

View some recent statistics on Wyoming's excellent business climate:

  • Which states are the Top 10 Pro-Business States? Wyoming ranks #3.
    Source: Pollina Corporate Consulting. View the story.
  • Wyoming seen as Best Run State in the Country.
    Source: 24/7 Wall Street.
  • Wyoming seen as Best Business Friendly Tax Climate.
    Source: Tax Foundation
  • Wyoming seen as Best Performing State Economy.
    Source: The Atlantic
  • Wyoming ranks first in Tax Environment for Mature Firms.
    Source: National Chamber Foundation
  • Wyoming ranks first in College affordability.
    Source: National Chamber Foundation.
  • Wyoming ranks First State for Tax Climate.
    Source: The Tax Foundation
  • Wyoming received the Highest Rating Possible in the AAA Credit Rating.
    Source: Standard and Poor.
  • Wyoming is one of the Top 5 "Next Boom States."
    Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Wyoming Tenth State in Installed Wind Power Capacity.
    Source: American Wind Energy Association.

The state is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Region, border by Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Colorado. Wyoming has 98 incorporated cities and towns and 19 first-class cities. With an estimated 501,242 residents in 2003 and 97,818 square miles, Wyoming means less traffic, less stress and less congestion for residents and companies.

A key benefit of doing business in Wyoming is not having to pay corporate or personal income taxes. Besides allowing business owners to enjoy higher earnings, the lack of an individual income tax contributes to a lower cost of labor in the state. According to the Wyoming Taxpayers Association, Wyoming’s personal tax burden is the second lowest in the nation. Find out more on the Business Costs page.

The diversity of Wyoming’s workforce today not only includes educated and skilled individuals, but also people leading the way for the next generation of highly qualified workers. High education standards, a strong work ethic and effective workforce development programs reinforce the abilities of the state’s workforce.

Wyoming energy and minerals rank nationally in
the top ten across major energy industries.

  • First in coal production
  • First in coal reserves
  • First in uranium source
  • First in soda ash production
  • First in bentonite production
  • Third in natural gas reserves
  • Fifth in natural gas production
  • Seventh in oil reserves
  • Seventh in crude oil production
  • Seventh in potential wind energy

Doing business in Wyoming means living with friendly people in an environment free from high-crime, traffic jams and noise and air pollution. To top it off, the state offers outstanding recreational and cultural activities ranging from theatre to fishing. Wyoming means business and an excellent quality of life.

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