Bond Programs

Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
(IRS Allocation for Tax Exempt Bonds)

Cities and counties may issue Industrial Development Revenue Bonds to provide financing to promote economic growth within the state, and to create jobs for in-state residents. IDR Bonds are land acquisition, building and equipment loans, and are interest exempt from federal income taxes.

Each state receives an annual private activity bond allocation from the IRS. Applicants must complete the allocation request and process for Governor’s approval. For more information on any of the loan programs listed below, contact Ben Avery, Business and Industry Division Director at 307.777.2863 or

     Industrial Development Revenue Bonds Facts

     Governor's Rules on Volume Cap Allocation

Industrial Development Bonds
(State Treasurer Direct Purchase Bonds)

The State Treasurer is allowed to purchase industrial development bonds issued by municipalities or counties for the benefit of Wyoming businesses. The bonds may finance purchase, construction and installation of buildings personal property or equipment, which will add economic value to goods, services or resources within the state. The purchase of these bonds is authorized by W.S. 9-4-715 (m).

     Industrial Development Bonds Facts