CDBG - Applications & Rules


Applicants should read the CDBG program guidelines before submitting a community development or economic development grant/loan application.

Application Deadlines

CDBG Master Application

This application is for Community Development which includes: public infrastructure Grants, Access for the Disabled Grants, Community Facilities Grants and the Economic Development which includes: Infrastructure Grants and Downtown Development Grants.

Planning and Technical Assistance Grant Application

Planning only grants are available to local governments and non-profit businesses to perform feasibility studies related to economic and community development.
Technical assistance grants are designed to assist for-profit businesses conduct project planning and research.

Homeownership Assistance Application

Homeownership Assistance grants are available to:Subsidize interest rates and mortgage principal amounts for low and moderate income homebuyers; finance the acquisition by low and moderate income homebuyers of housing that will be owner occupied by the homebuyers or will be their primary residence; provide up to 50 percent of any down payment required from low or moderate income homebuyer; or pay reasonable closing costs (normally associated with the purchase of a home) incurred by a low or moderate income homebuyer.

CDBG Rules