Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are a great place to buy locally grown products ranging from produce, meat, eggs and other value added food products. Buying from your local farmers’ market gives you locally grown, fresh products and supports your local economy by supporting the local farmer or rancher.

Market Managers

The Wyoming Business Council offers a grant for advertising and promotional materials to Wyoming farmers markets. The $400 reimbursable grant can be used by a local Wyoming government agency, a Wyoming association, a Wyoming nonprofit organization (e.g. Chamber of Commerce), or a Wyoming Producer Association that conducts a farmers’ market.

SNAP-debit/credit card Grant

The Farmers Market SNAP/Credit/Debit Card Grant Program of the Wyoming Business Council has a dual purpose.  First it is designed to help make markets more accessible to low income consumers, by assisting with costs associated with accepting the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), which is the system that markets can accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly known as the food stamp program.  The second goal is to increase sales within the markets.  Markets can accept the SNAP program or go even further with the option of accepting credit and debit cards.

(For more information visit:

Accepting SNAP/Credit/Debit cards at Farmers Markets (How to)

Food Safety at Farmers Markets

Guidelines to ensure public health at Farmers Markets (PDF)

Tax Information for Vendors

Market Sales Tax Information - Most items sold at a farmers market do not meet the definition of “prepared foods” and therefore collecting sales tax is not required, but doing the paperwork is.

  • Q. How does this new law affect Farmer’s Markets?
  • A. The bulk of food sold at a farmer’s market is clearly intended to be taken home for later consumption and exempt from sales tax. But some food concessionaires sell food for immediate consumption; e.g. prepared hot foods, soft drinks sold in a cup, ice cream or sno-cones, etc. These are 'prepared foods' and subject to Wyoming sales tax.

For more information contact the Department of Revenue:

Phone: 307-777-7961


Important Links

  • Wyoming Farmers Market Association:  The Wyoming Farmers Marketing Association works to promote the farmers markets in Wyoming. In Wyoming, finding fresh, locally grown produce is a luxury. Starting in mid-summer, many Wyoming agriculture producers can be found at the local farmers’ market offering the freshest and best produce money can buy.
  • Wyoming Department of Agriculture: The Wyoming Department of Agriculture is a valuable resource for food safety questions and weights and measures questions.

How to start a CSA

Wyoming Fresh Food Directory

This is just one more way to get your products to the customer! Fill out the directory information to be a part of the upcoming fresh local foods directory. The directory will be put online in May and a printed version will be available in the future.

For further information contact:
Terri Barr, Farmers Market Manager
Phone: 307.777.2807