Livestock & Meat Marketing

The Wyoming Business Council’s Livestock and Meat Marketing Program can assist producers who are interested in capturing more value from their calf crop. The Business Council can provide information and technical assistance that is needed in the decision-making process.

Whether considering a beef or meat marketing alliance or direct niche-marketing to the customer, the Business Council can help determine which markets to target, the requirements needed, which tracking system best fits individual needs and what it will take to get there.

In conjunction with the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture, the Business Council has developed and promoted a Wyoming Beef Cattle Listing online at The web site contains a weekly list of all classes and types of Wyoming beef cattle for people looking to buy and sell.

Wyoming Verified

The recent reopening of export markets to U.S. beef cattle have brought specific requirements from each of these countries and increased demand for cattle meeting those guidelines. The main requirements that impact cattle producers are source and age verification. Signed affidavits will no longer fulfill age verification for export markets. This verification is required to be done through independent third-party audits of calving records for age.

The Wyoming Business Council has developed the Wyoming Verified program as a service to Wyoming producers to source and age verify livestock through AgInfoLink’s USDA Process Verified Program.

The Wyoming Verified program is an excellent marketing tool to enhance profitability and can allow producers to capture that added value through premiums being offered for certified livestock. Premiums for certified beef cattle have been paid for both feeder calves and finished cattle.

Certifying livestock through the Wyoming Verified program allows flexibility in record-keeping and marketing. Certification follows the verified livestock no matter what marketing channel is utilized: sale barn, video, private treaty, or retained ownership.

The natural beef market continues to grow. Natural meat companies place a higher value on verified, natural calves and lambs for their market. The verified natural claim can provide such a source of animals.

Wyoming Age & Source Verification Program Certified Producers Listing

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