Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Grant Program

About the Program:

The Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Program reduction of the utility cost for electrical and/or broadband for the recruitment/growth of managed data centers of sufficient redundancy. In exchange for providing these reductions in costs, the applicant shall have contracted with the business to receive direct benefits and indirect economic development benefits including a specific amount of capital investment from business, specific minimum payroll created by the business, the provision of discounted IT services, and an agreement with the business to pay all funds should the business not meet the aforementioned requirements and/or if the business ceases to do operations or relocates out of the political subdivision prior to five years.

The grant amount is based on how much capital investment and payroll and payroll the business will realize over five years. The maximum grant award is $2,250,000. For each grant amount, the business must create a match of at least 125% of the grant amount in payroll and capital expenditure with the caveat that 50% of the match will be in payroll creation. Payroll must be greater than 150% of the county's median wage.

2013 IRC Grant and Loan Application and Award Schedule

BRC Rules (PDF) were adopted 10/29/10.

Data Center Legislation

Data Center application (PDF) (WORD)

Contact Molly Spangler, BRC Program Manager at 307.777.2811 or
contact your Regional Director.