Marketing Assistance

Sales are directly tied to marketing Wyoming companies’ services and products. The Wyoming Business Council offers help through several programs.

Cooperative Advertising

The Business and Industry Division offers economic development groups and businesses the opportunity to join cooperative advertising in national publications. Terri Barr at 307.777.2807.

Cooperative Marketing Program

The Business Council secures booth space at trade and selling events to share, at minimum cost, with Wyoming businesses and local economic development groups. Contact Terri Barr at 307.777.2807.

Marketing Consulting/Media Training

Consulting and training helps Wyoming businesses fine tune their marketing and public relations efforts to reach their target audience. Contact Ron Gullberg, Communications Director, 307.777.2834.

Trademark Licensing Program

The Business Council has an agreement with the Secretary of State to use the Bucking Horse and Rider logo. Contact the Trademark Licensing Office at 307.766.5646.

Trade Show Incentive Grant Program

The program encourages Wyoming businesses to promote and sell their Wyoming-made products to statewide, national and international audiences with grants to help offset the costs of the trade events.

The Wyoming Business Council Trade Incentive Program exists to encourage Wyoming businesses promote and sell their products to statewide, national and international audiences.

The Trade Show Incentive Program is a reimbursable grant; and as such, the applicant must pay all expenditures before the grant award can be disbursed. The business shall function independently in performing this activity and shall assume sole responsibility of any debts or liabilities that may be incurred in regard to this trade event. The grant award cannot be assigned.

If you would like an application, email Terri Barr.

***This program has a limited amount of funds. Money will be dispersed on a first come, first serve basis.***

Wyoming First Program

Wyoming First assists Wyoming companies with the identification and promotion of their Wyoming-made products and services. Participants can use “Bucking Horse and Rider” design stickers and hang tags and have their companies featured in a catalogue and a Web site. Visit or contact Terri Barr at 307.777.2807.

Wyoming Market Research Center (WMRC)

The WMRC provides low to no cost market information to Wyoming businesses including competitive analysis, marketing lists, custom demographic and psychographic analysis, industry trends, government regulations, geographic information services, marketing material evaluations and original research. Contact your Business Council Regional Director. For more information, visit