Montana Dakota Utilities

Keep snow and ice away from natural gas meters

As we go through the winter season, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. is encouraging customers to inspect their natural gas meters on a regular basis to make sure there is not a buildup of snow and ice. Customers are encouraged to clear the snow and ice away from the meter set.

Also, anyone operating snow removal equipment needs to be aware of objects buried under the snow, which can include natural gas meters and risers.

Accumulations of snow and ice can cause the regulator and meter to malfunction and result in a hazardous situation. A buried regulator may become clogged, affecting the supply of gas to the appliances. When melting occurs and the snow becomes wet and heavy, it can put pressure on the meter setting and cause strain on the associated piping. In extreme cases, the possibility exists that the piping could break.

If you believe damage has occurred around the meter set, please call Montana-Dakota at 1-800-MDU-FAST (1-800-638-3278) so the problem can be repaired.

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