Value-Added Food

This program is designed to encourage and promote the development of value-added agribusiness opportunities and markets for Wyoming agricultural products.

Program Highlights

  • By providing market information, data base publication, and trade show subsidization, the value-added program strives to expose companies to local, national, and international marketing opportunities.
  • Through the use of seminars and individual counseling, the program strives to educate businesses on federal and state programs, government regulations, and third party business organizations.

Local Marketing Programs

The program promotes Wyoming products within the state, which allows Wyoming citizens to identify and support local companies. A Value-Added Products Directory, listing Wyoming processed food companies, is distributed at local events and to Wyoming retail establishments. The Wyoming Pavilion at the State Fair provides an opportunity to promote and sell products to 70,000 potential customers.

National Marketing Programs

By developing Wyoming pavilions at regional and national trade events, the program takes advantage of Wyoming’s proud heritage as the Cowboy State to sell to retailers and consumers around the nation.

International Marketing Programs

New and existing value-added businesses face many challenges in order to succeed in the new global economy. For companies looking at the international market, the Agribusiness Division, though a strategic alliance with the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association, (WUSATA) provides export seminars, trade missions, marketing research projects, trade show activities, point of sale promotions, and access to federal government marketing grants.

Organic Certification Reimbursement Chart

For further information contact:
Lisa Johnson, Agribusiness Director
Phone: 307.777.6589
Fax: 307.777.2838