It all started with a life-long love of popcorn... As kids, we fill our fists and mouths fast enough. The crispy, buttery goodness was always a part of our daily snack. Family-filled fun, laughter and good times always followed. You couldn't beat it. Today, not much has changed. Our mission is to spread that happiness by making sure we craft the freshest popcorn using the healthiest ingredients possible. We can't help it. We're still kids at heart. Life should be fun and food should taste fantastic. It's why we live in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And it's why we take the extra time to create small batch, fine, handmade, artisan popcorn. We love what we do, and we hope you do too.

Jackson Hole POP-Fine Artisan Popcorn is a locally handmade, small-batch gourmet popcorn that is low in calories and gluten free. It is available at local area merchants, local events, farmers markets and online and is packaged to be used as souvenirs, gifts or snacks. Flavors include Cowboy Caramel, Campfire Kettle, Outlaw Cheddar, Grand Teton Theater Style Butter or the house mix Lucky Cowboy 3-way!


Michael Daus

PO Box 563
Teton Village, WY 83025


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