Jason Kintzler

Jason Kintzler
Jason Kintzler is the Founder and CEO of Pitchengine, a web-based public relations and marketing software company whose products are used by more than 50,000 brands worldwide including Walmart, Mastercard and Budweiser.
A former TV anchorman turned PR pro, Jason bootstrapped his startup Pitchengine beginning in 2008 as a celebration of Wyoming independence, forgoing the traditional startup path in favor of the road less traveled. He is the author of The New American Startup which details the story of how western independence and self‐reliance led him to create a disruptive technology from the unlikeliest of places.
He and his wife, Jasmine, live in Riverton with their “three boys and a princess” — Cooper, Fisher, Carson, and Kennedy. Jason is fifth generation Wyoming, a rugby player, a soccer coach, and an outdoorsman when time permits.
He travels the country sharing his passion for entrepreneurship and new media by speaking at events like SXSW, PRSA and at universities like Stanford, USC, and UW. He believes that success is directly attributed to work ethic, passion, and creativity and requires jumping fences and challenging status quo at every juncture.
In addition to the Wyoming Business Council, Jason serves on Wyoming’s Information Technology Policy Council, the ENDOW Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Subcommittee, and is a board member of the Riverton Chamber of Commerce.

Jackson, WY

Board Term Expiration Date: 03/01/2021

CEO, Pitchengine