John Coyne III

John Coyne III

John lives in Greybull. He has a 21-year career in banking as a credit analyst, commercial loan officer and market president with American National Bank; then, as chairman, president and CEO of Big Horn Federal.

He has worked with some of Wyoming's biggest and smallest markets and with both the public and private sectors.

He says the Business Council board's biggest challenge is to ensure it is a good steward of funding across the state while delivering recognizable impacts, as well as blending the resources between established businesses in state and providing pathways for new businesses.

John says his parents showed him that community service makes a profound impact on the people and place you call home, and he enjoys serving his community on the Business Council board. John and his family live in Greybull, a community he says looks out for his children and truly cares. There isn't a better place to be, he says.

Greybull, WY

Board Term Expiration Date: 03/01/2022

Chairman, President and CEO, Big Horn Federal Savings Bank