Credit card sales have increased exponentially. Between a younger generation who does not carry cash and increased online sales due to COVID-19, not accepting credit cards is not an option. With the razor thin margins that many businesses have, choosing the right credit card processor is more important than ever. Join Melissa Johnson, Payment Processing Strategist and Overall Processing Guru at Merchant Maverick, for a presentation about credit card acceptance issues. Melissa will discuss: The difference between third-party payment processors (like Square and PayPal) and traditional merchant account providers The various fee and pricing structures available, including tiered pricing and interchange-plus. How to avoid hidden fees and bad contracts What to look for in a reputable processor Presenter: Melissa has been with Merchant Maverick for seven years. An expert in payment processing and merchant accounts, she spends her days planning content strategy for the site, researching the payment processing industry, and creating educational content to help small business owners. Prior to that, Melissa was a prolific freelance writer and editor. She lives in Overland Park, Kansas, where she spends her spare time playing D&D with her friends, spoiling her cat, and crafting. Merchant Maverick was founded in 2009 to provide business owners with accurate, unbiased reviews as a response to the lack of transparency in the financial services space. Their goal is to provide the most honest, accurate, and useful reviews of business products and services to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to make good decisions. Ultimately, they take on the burden of in-depth research so entrepreneurs do not have to. Today, the website covers 20 different areas, including credit card processing, point of sale systems, business loans and credit cards, finance, accounting, eCommerce, and more. There is no charge for entrepreneurs to use Merchant Maverick works on an affiliate marketing model, and does not accept payment for reviews, so their content is truly unbiased.

Thursday, May 13, 2021; 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
East Central
Wyoming SBDC Network
Peggy Baker, Phone: 307-382-0947
No cost

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