Technical Aspects of a Post-COVID Workplace Session 2 ver all three sessions: Human Resources for the COVID-19 Workplace As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on business owners and employees are still navigating this new normal in all aspects of our lives. Perhaps one of the most affected areas is in the workplace. Without physical closeness to our employees and coworkers we must adapt and learn how to lead, communicate and work effectively from a distance. We must also consider the safety and health of our peers as we re-open our physical workplaces. These are problems that can be solved, with lots of questions to be answered in order to do so safely. In this upcoming webinar series presented by the leaders of Align, you will have the opportunity to examine your COVID-19 workplace strategies and have all of your important questions answered by industry experts. Session 2: Technical Aspects of a Post-COVID Workplace In a Post-COVID workplace, organizations need to identify how processes will be managed. Whereas before, most of the workers were in the office, going to meetings, travelling to conferences – now, some people are working from home and some may be in the office; they are conducting virtual meetings and trainings, and practicing social distancing. Having a safe, effective, and productive work environment for employees creates a need for policies and processes on the front end of their return to work. In this discussion we will talk about Managing remote and hybrid workforces The importance of setting expectations and managing those expectations, Determining new communication styles Taking care of your employees without the face to face interaction. Presenter: Brittany Ashby, Mary Augustin and Jody Shields of Align, see the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to serve Wyoming businesses clients by creating an effective learning experience in a virtual environment for SBDC clients. Align’s 17-member organization includes a leadership team with years of facilitation experience, extensive backgrounds in strategic program management, human resource management, organizational planning, and most recently, our innovation, approach and solutions during COVID-19.
Thursday, November 5, 2020; 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Wyoming SBDC Network
Peggy Baker, Phone: 307-382-0947
No cost

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