Ripple Effect Mapping

A Community Review is a mini-strategic planning process designed and conducted in coordination with leaders, business owners, and residents in your community. The centerpiece of the program is a 2 to 3-day visit to your community by a team of community and economic development professionals. The members of this “Visiting Team” volunteer their time and talents to support your community in developing a plan to manage change and pursue your goals on your terms. 

Community Reviews build on the former community assessment process and add in an enhanced capacity building component. 

The community review process will leave your community with increased clarity about its goals and opportunities, improved coordination among individuals and organizations, a substantial in-kind contribution that can be used to support future grant applications, and increased awareness of available funding and other resources.

Wyoming's Community Reviews Program

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The Western Community Assessment Network is a 3-year, USDA-funded collaboration among Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to understand, evaluate, and improve how Community Reviews work and help participating communities see greater success in achieving their goals.

Community Reviews are comprehensive assessment programs that provide information and tools to help communities address priority issues and enhance quality of life for their residents.

Ripple Effect Mapping

The impact of community focused work is notoriously difficult to measure. Community focused programs may have immediate and direct benefits but also may have related indirect benefits beyond initial steps taken. Work done by communities like yours may have ripples of impacts that change culture, policy and people’s lives in sometimes unanticipated ways. Ripple Effects Mapping is a way to capture all the intended and unintended benefits of programs while harvesting rich, detailed stories that illustrate those benefits.

Wyoming's Ripple Effect Mapping

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Community Review Reports

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Story - Phase I

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