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September 3, 2019

Great Ideas: Nymbl makes it easy to create, sell and ship custom merchandise

A series featuring up-and-coming innovations born or growing up in Wyoming 

Members of the Wyoming Business Council staff hear it all the time as we travel the state: We have so many great ideas and companies flying under the radar right here in Wyoming. I wish more people knew what was going on. 
The Great Ideas series is our effort to tell those stories that make Wyoming proud. 
If you know of an original, innovative business picking up steam in your neck of the woods, get in touch with Baylie Evans at  


Thanks to Cheyenne company Nymblcreating custom T-shirts, throw pillows, coffee mugs, tote bags – just about any merchandise you can dream up – is now as quick and easy as designing, uploading and sharing. No more upfront costs, no more guessing games on how many to order and no more stockpiling boxes of inventory in some unlucky person’s garage. 

“We’ve created an automated, print-on-demand model that allows anyone anywhere to create and sell custom products with extreme ease and without any upfront costs,” said founder Zac Folk. 

Without Nymbl, printing and shipping custom products requires several disjointed processes, Folk explained. First, customers must upload a design and create mockups. Then, they typically guess on a quantity and order the products to be made and shipped to their own home or office. Then, they must store, resell and reship the products themselves. 

Nymbl brings all the processes into one seamless product, from creating mockups to selling on our ecommerce platform to automated fulfillment and shipping,” Folk said. “That’s the secret sauce.” 

It works for anything from T-shirts to fine art, he added. Artists have used the model as a starting point to sell prints of their work, for example. And the Wyoming Office of Tourism uses Nymbl to sell Wyoming-branded merchandise around the world. 

“Anyone with passionate supporters – like schools, clubs, nonprofits, sports teams, social media influencers, etc. – can create branded merchandise and simply share a link where their fans can purchase the items. Nymbl automatically takes care of the rest.” 

Folk is a serial entrepreneur, and the idea for Nymbl started percolating when he founded a nonprofit that provided school uniforms to orphaned students in South Africa in 2008. He used a mix of the different technologies that were available then, and started creating his own automated components. About four years ago, after a lot of tinkering and tweaking, Nymbl as it is now was born. 

Nymbl won a grant from the first round of the Wyoming Business Council’s Kickstart: Wyoming program, which allowed Folk to hire a second full-time employee. 

“The grant gave Nymbl the manpower it needed to grow and support customers,” he said. 

Now, Nymbl employs three full-time people in Cheyenne, plus one part-time and three full-time software developers in Europe. Folk intends to hire people for sales and marketing as well as customer advocates in the near future 

Warehousing in Wyoming is also “on the near horizon,” he said. 

“We’re focused on a long-term vision,” he added. “We’re not focused on an exit, but on building a great product and having a lot of fun while doing it.” 

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